Kaleidoscope Coffee Beans (Organic)

Size: 100g
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Imbibe Coffee wanted to bring coffees of an unrivalled standard to Ireland but to do this using a business model that was different to any other. Their model of “conscious capitalism” means they give back all while creating incredible quality coffee.

  • 1% of all their coffee sales go to Women’s Aid
  • 1% to projects at coffee origins 
  • And 1% is shared among their staff.

Imbibe deliver 5 kilo cans to us, collect the old ones, bring them back to the roastery to be cleaned and then they go out again

📦 Avg supermarket packet size = 250g

At TGN you can buy as little or as much as you need with no plastic packaging. If you shop online, we pack your order in compostable brown bags.

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